• Time-released formula stays on the surface area longer, helping to control the freeze/thaw cycle
  • Safer to handle without protective clothing and does not dry out or irritate skin
  • Will not cause any unsightly tracking or residue problems when used as directed
  • Works to preserve soil supporting compounds
  • Enhanced with CMA, this formula guards against concrete and corrosion damage by forming a protective coating on the surface

Application Rates

A small amount goes a long way! For best results, apply ice melter using a push type or hand held spreader. Depending on the amount of ice and snow present, sprinkle the ice melter on ice and snow at the rate of 1 lb. to 4.5 lb. per 540 ft². Shovel off excess slush/water, and then reapply to the heavy areas of ice. Do not overspread. Apply evenly and avoid piling.