Be ready this year with Ice Beeter.

The Kissner Group is committed to preparing you this winter by saving you money and time with our effective ice melt! We have created a way to keep your walkways safe this season with an ice melt that can’t be “BEET.” The Kissner Group has created a family line of products that will outperform other leading brands by melting ice in even the extreme cold temperatures.


The Kissner Group introduced an Ice Melter that provides a blend of the latest ice melt innovations to our customers, that product was Ice Beeter™ Treated! Ice Beeter™ Treated is specially formulated with Beet Extract Solution. During extreme winters, salt alone just doesn’t cut it. Beet juice has become a very popular snow and ice-melting tool due to its sticky properties and organic goods. Kissner is now proud to introduce two new extensions to the Ice Beeter™ Family, Ice Beeter™ Responsible and Ice Beeter™ Ultimate.

How do the Ice Beeter™ products differentiate?

Like Ice Beeter™ Treated, both Ice Beeter™ Responsible and Ice Beeter™ Ultimate begins with the extraction of the sugar particles from a sugar beet, leaving the molasses syrup. The organic solution is then infused with salt crystals, enabling the formulation to work at chilling temperatures.


Ice Beeter™ Responsible is an environmentally friendly choice. This product is infused with Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA), which is less harmful to surrounding vegetation, pets and children. Ice Beeter™ Ultimate is enriched with Calcium Chloride, which allows this product to work in -30°, making it one of the most powerful ice melts on the market today.


The Kissner Group takes pride in providing the highest-quality products and has further enhanced its ability to keep customers supplied at all times. So this winter when nothing else works ask for one of the exceptional Ice Beeter™ products. Be ready this year with Ice Beeter!

Ice-Beeter-FamilyCheck out our article in the July/August 2015 Maintenance Sales News magazine. Kissner invites you to come see for yourself and speak directly with our sales team. ISSA/Interclean Annual Convention, Las Vegas, NV. Booth 360. October 21st-23rd, 2015.

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