Ice Melt

Kissner Milling Company Ltd™ is North America’s leading ice melt manufacturer and deicing supplier. We specialize in both brand and private label ice melt solutions.

Kissner ice melt products are the top choice when dealing with the dangerous hazards caused by ice covered pedestrian walkways, parking lots and loading areas. Our specially formulated ice melt works hard to eliminate ice and snow. 

When winter hits you with its worst, fight back with the best. 

Good : No fuss, gets the job done 

Better : When you’re looking for something that melts to lower temperatures

Best : When you want something that’s safer for pets and helps protect the environment

Ultimate : When you just need to bore through the ice

Established in 1878, Kissner™ has grown to become a leader in mining and packaging salt throughout North America.

Kissner™ understands what it takes to achieve the highest standards of quality and is recognized and respected worldwide as a North American leader in the salt and deicing supply chain.