Pool Salt

Kissner Milling Company Ltd™ is Canada’s largest independently owned salt distributor, supplying a wide variety of quality water softener and pool salt products.


  • Salt water pools use salt to generate the chlorine. The chlorine generated from pool salt is not as harsh as regular chlorine and does not cause common problems including red eyes, dry/irritated skin, damaged hair and damaged bathing suits. This eco-friendly alternative is the healthier way to go!
  • It is recommended that additional salt is added to the generator after a downpour of rain because the water becomes diluted, causing the existing chlorine to become less effective. Replenish the diluted water to get it back to its required chlorine level.
  • The water in salt water pools does not taste like salt water from the ocean. There is a mild amount of salt mixed into the water, making it less like the ocean and more like tap water.