Salt for Soft Water

Dissolved magnesium and calcium minerals make water hard, affecting the taste and feel of water. It also can reduce the efficiency and longevity of plumbing fixtures and rendering soaps and detergents less effective.

To eliminate these impurities, the most common technique involves passing the water through a water-softening unit. The water softener contains a resin tank that is filled with a bed of resin beads and a brine tank that holds a salt solution.

In a process known as an “ion exchange,” the positively charged calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water pass through the resin bed and exchange places with positively charged sodium ions that are on the beads. This leaves water that is “softer,” meaning the impurities have been detached.

As the resins attract more and more calcium and magnesium minerals, the beads begin to lose the ability to soften water. At this point, the softener needs to be regenerated. A brine solution is used to flush the calcium and magnesium minerals from the resin tanks and the beads, enabling the water conditioner to resume its full function.

Kissner has two professional grade water softener salts, Solar Salt and Solar Salt with Rust Remover

Highest Purity Water Softener Salt

  • Evaporated naturally by sun and wind
  • Ultra high 99.7% purity softener salt
  • Minimizes brine accumulation in tank
  • Resists bridging and mushing in tank
  • White, opaque appearance
  • Low insoluble content
  • Available in 40 lb., 50 lb., & 80 lb. bags

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