Snow…Snow…Snow! 2015/2016 Winter Forecast

2015/2016 Winter Forecast

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Precipitation-wise, if you like snow, then you should head over to the Northern and Central Great Plains (most of the North Central States), the Great Lakes, New England and parts of the Ohio Valley where snowier-than-normal conditions are forecasted.


Over the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic States, the winter will be stormy with a good amount of snow. We are “red-flagging” the second week of January and the second week of February for possible heavy winter weather with a long, drawn out spell of stormy weather extending through much of the first half of March. So sharpen those skis and boards, because the Eastern slopes look like the ideal place to carve some turns.


An active storm track will bring above-normal precipitation to the Southeastern States, as well as Mississippi Valley, Southern Great Plains, the Gulf Coast and along the Atlantic Seaboard.


Another area of above-normal precipitation (thanks to incoming storms from the Pacific) will cover much of the Pacific Northwest.


Near-to-below normal winter precipitation will cover the rest of the county, which includes much of the drought-stricken area of Southwest.

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