The Story Behind Ice Beeter

The Beginning (Volume 1)

Ice Beeter Treated Ice Melter is rock salt specially coated with beet extract. This residue is also known as beet molasses… it is used for production of yeast, medicine and chemicals such as ice melt. Sugar beet fields are easily mistaken for a field of potatoes. Above the ground they appear as only greens. But underneath lies the beet, which is light tan, also like a potato. However, sugar beets are more closely related to a red garden beet.

When it comes time, the farmers harvest all of their sugar beets. Sugar beets are second only to sugar cane for sources of sugar. They are grown from a seed which produces a root, stem and leaves. The actual sugar beet is the root, which contains many cells. Large cells contain water, while small cells contain the sugar.

To extract the sugar from the beet, they are washed and cut into thin slices. These slices are put in hot water which soaks the sugar out and forms syrup. The syrup is then purified, filtered and boiled again. Finally it is dried to sugar, which is packaged and marketed. This is only a brief explanation of the step by step beet sugar process.

Over 60% of United States sugar comes from the sugar beets… however, the rest of the beet is thrown away. That is when the Kissner Group decided to reduce the amount of waste and use the remains of the sugar beets. That is when Ice Beeter Treated was born!


The B-Team (Volume 2)

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While Ice Beeter Treated works hard to keep the cities safe… a large snow storm blows in, bringing -30° weather. Ice Beeter Treated will need some assistance fighting these extremely low temperatures. That is when Ice Beeter Ultimate comes to the rescue! Ice Beeter Ultimate is specially formulated with beet extract and calcium chloride flake, making this an exceptionally powerful ice melt. The snow storm was no match for Ice Beeter Ultimate!

Ice Beeter Treated continues to work hard to keep the cities safe; however, consumers are seeking an environmentally friendly ice melt. Ice Beeter Treated has the perfect solution… that is when Ice Beeter Responsible comes to the rescue! Ice Beeter Responsible is specially formulated with beet extract and calcium magnesium acetate, making this an environmentally benign ice melt. The consumers are happy with their eco-friendly ice melt, Ice Beeter Responsible!

The cities will be safe once again, because nothing beets ice better than… Ice Beeter!

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