pet safe ice melt

Pet Safe Ice Melt

Many ice melters on the market are labelled as eco-friendly.  When used as directed and applied in moderation, these “green” ice melters are less harmful for grass and vegetation in proximity to the area where they are applied.

This characteristic makes the majority of ice melters great for most commercial use. However, for personal  use around a home where pets may walk, a pet safe ice melter is a better choice.

Makings of a Pet Safe Ice Melt

There are two primary reasons why pet safe ice melt products are continuously being developed and produced.

Pets Have Sensitive Paws

Pets such as dogs and cats are generally more sensitive to the colder winter weather. They might have a sufficient coat of fur to keep their bodies warm, but the drying and stinging effects of ice and snow may have a negative effect on their delicate paws. Likewise the salt and certain chemicals included in various ice melters can also cause irritation to these sensitive areas.

Ice Melter Ingestion Dangers

There are reports of ice melter ingestion among pets filed with the ASPCA-APCC (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals-Animal Poison Control Center) every year. Some of the symptoms seen in animals after the ingestion of ice melter granules and residues are; drooling, vomiting, loss of appetite, disorientation and increased water consumption.

While it is unlikely for pets to consume a large enough amount of ice melter that would lead to poisoning, that does not eliminate the small chance that pets can be adversely affected by the presence of such chemicals. According to the ASPCA-APCC, consumption of excessive amounts of ice melter by an animal may result in; low blood pressure, decreased muscle function, cardiac abnormalities, seizures, coma or death.

Pet Safe Ice Melt Benefits

Pet safe ice melt products can help reduce any harmful effects to animals and the environment. A pet safe ice melter will not irritate and dry out your pet’s paws and is less harmful if accidentally swallowed. Using pet safe ice melters will help ensure that your pets will be protected from the harmful effects of non-pet friendly ice melter blends.

Using pet safe ice melt products may help when used on your property, however you cannot always control where your pet roams outdoors. Please observe the following precautions for the safety of your pets:

• Keep pets indoors while ice melter is applied
• Avoid taking pets on long walks during the winter
• Restrain pets from haphazardly running and jumping on piles of ice or snow
• If going outdoors for long periods of time is unavoidable, have your pets wear boots
• Keep a rag or towel near the door and wipe ice melter residue from their paws

Pet Safe Ice Melt Informational Video

In this video, Dr. Brian Langlois of the Humane League of Lancaster County discusses winter hazards to pets and mentions safety tips – including how to deal with the use of pet safe ice melt products:

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