Safe Winter Driving

Whether we like it or not, winter is on its way. Some parts of North America are already seeing some snowfall.

Here are 7 tips on safe winter driving:

1. Create a ‘survival kit’
Your survival kit should include items such as: gloves, booster cables, small shovel, windshield wiper fluid, first aid kit, torch, snow brush, candles, safety vest, water bottles and non-perishable energy foods. Keep the kit in the trunk of your car.


2. Keep a safe distance behind snow plows
If you find yourself behind a snow plow, maintain a safe distance. Snow plow drivers do not always have the best visibility and can create clouds of snow that can reduce your visibility, as well.

3. If you don’t already have them, get winter tires
They provide better traction, handling and braking and can shorten your braking distance by as much as 25 per cent. All-season tires are not the same as winter tires. They lose their grip when the temperature dips below 7 C.


4. Slow down and give yourself extra travel time
This one might be obvious — but it’s important. Drive according to the road conditions around you and don’t rely on the estimated time of arrival your GPS gives you.

5. Clear snow and ice from your vehicle
Make sure you clean all windows, mirrors, lights and the roof. Wait for any foggy windows to clear up so your visibility isn’t poor.


6. Wear comfortable clothes
It’s a good idea to layer up in the winter time, but having too many layers can restrict your movement and make it difficult to check your blind spot.

7. Keep a full gas tank
It can help reduce moisture in the fuel system and also adds extra weight to your vehicle to slow it down.


Visit CBC News for more safe winter driving tips.


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B.S.C. Holdings Inc.

Kissner Group Holdings LP, the parent company of Kissner Milling Company Limited announced today that it has acquired B.S.C. Holdings Inc., the parent company of both Central Salt, L.L.C. of Elgin, Illinois and Lyons Salt Company of Lyons, Kansas.

Central Salt is a leading supplier and marketer of bulk and packaged deicing products, as well as a leading supplier of agricultural salts. Lyons Salt is a vertically-integrated salt mine. Both companies serve commercial and governmental customers.

David Safran, Chief Executive Officer of Kissner commented, “The combination of our companies strengthens our ability to reliably supply high quality products and to provide exceptional service to our customers over a broader geographic footprint through multiple vertically-integrated mines. The transition process will be seamless to customers and is already underway.”

Peter Powell, Chief Executive Officer of BSC, will serve on the Board of Directors of the combined companies, and will continue in his responsibilities as Chairman of the Salt Institute. Mr. Powell said, “We are excited about the opportunity that this combination represents for our customers, our employees and the Elgin and Lyons communities. Our combined companies will be ideally positioned to meet the needs of our customers in our diverse markets throughout North America.”

Mark Demetree, Chairman of Kissner, added, “This transaction represents a solid platform for value creation for Kissner, by extending our offering and market reach through the acquisition of an established industry leader, with a long tradition of excellence and service in North American markets. As a result of this transaction, Kissner can now provide a wider range of products across a larger geographic area in North America.”

About Kissner Group Holdings
Kissner Group Holdings is the parent company to Kissner Milling Company Limited and is owned by Metalmark Capital, Silvertree, a venture between Silverhawk Capital Partners and Demetree Salt, LLC, and the Kissner management team.

About Kissner Milling Company Limited
Headquartered in Cambridge, Ontario, Kissner Milling Company Limited is a leading producer and distributor of bulk rock salt and packaged specialty deicing products across North America.  Kissner owns and operates a rock salt mine located in Detroit, Michigan, which began operations over 100 years ago and today is one of the most efficient and safest rock salt mines in North America.  With a vertically-integrated supply chain for packaged deicing products, Kissner is highly differentiated in its industry and one of the most cost-competitive producers and distributors of bulk rock salt and other packaged deicing products, across its markets.

About BSC Holding, Inc.
Headquartered in Mission, Kansas, BSC Holding, Inc. is a leading producer and distributor of bulk rock salt and packaged specialty deicing products across North America.  BSC Holding owns and operates a vertically-integrated rock salt mine located in Lyons, Kansas, which began operations over 100 years ago. Today, BSC Holdings has an outstanding safety record and a dominant position in the Kansas market. BSC Holding also owns and operates Central Salt, a leading supplier and marketer of bulk and packaged deicing products, as well as a leading supplier of agricultural salts.

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Canada Winter Forecast

Well Above-Normal Temperatures to Envelop Western Canada

Western Canada residents should expect another winter with above- to well above-normal temperatures, as a prevailing westerly flow delivers milder Pacific air across the region. Compared to last winter, there will be more snow across the coastal mountains of western British Columbia, which includes the Whistler Blackcomb ski resort, host of the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Farther east in the Rockies of eastern British Columbia and western Alberta, snowfall will underachieve this winter. The majority of the snow in this region will fall during the first half of the winter before a drier pattern sets up during January and February.

Drier and milder weather will be a dominant theme across the Prairie region this winter as the Polar jet stream gets displaced farther to the north. This pattern will greatly limit the amount and duration of Arctic air masses that normally impact the region. Average temperatures could be as much as 3 degrees Celsius (5.5 degrees Fahrenheit) above normal this winter in cities such as Edmonton, Calgary and Regina.

Significant snowfall events will be few and far between across the region as the primary storm track will generally remain farther south across the central and southern U.S.

Increased Risk for Ice Storms in Ontario, Quebec

This coming winter will not be nearly as cold as last winter thanks in part to El Niño. This should lead to a noticeable difference in heating bills compared to last year.

Unfortunately, the winter pattern will also favor an increased risk of ice storms, especially from eastern Ontario to southern Quebec, including the cities of Ottawa and Montreal. Much of Ontario, including the lake-effect snow belts will have less snowfall compared to normal, as the main storm track shifts to the south and east during January and February.

As the storm track shifts toward the East Coast later in January and February, there will be an increased risk for significant snowfall events across eastern Quebec, including the Gaspe Peninsula.

Stormy but Mild Conditions Forecast for Most of Atlantic Canada

The combination of a strong El Niño and warmer-than-usual sea-surface waters surrounding the region will lead to slightly higher temperatures compared to normal this winter. The winter could turn snowy again from New Brunswick to Prince Edward Island, especially the second half of the winter. The milder conditions will favor a greater tendency for storms that initially bring snow, but change to ice or rain, especially across Nova Scotia. Much of Newfoundland will experience a milder winter with a reduced number of major storms.

Canada Winter Forecast 2015/2016

Canada Winter Forecast 2015/2016

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