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Salt for Soft Water

Dissolved magnesium and calcium minerals make water hard, affecting the taste and feel of water. It also can reduce the efficiency and longevity of plumbing fixtures and rendering soaps and detergents less effective. To eliminate these impurities, the most common technique involves passing the water through a water-softening unit. The water softener contains a resin […]


During the winter months, it’s a familiar site to see shopping centers and business owners clearing the ice and snow from pathways, parking lots and entrances. It’s a liability issue should someone slip and fall and injure themselves entering their business. Homeowners also face similar liabilities if they fail to take adequate steps to remove […]

How Salt Can Keep You Safe

Sodium Chloride (salt) is a major player in walkway safety. The Ice and snow build-up can cause dangerous safety conditions to your foot traffic area when it goes unchecked. Tens of thousands of Canadians slip on ice each year. Many of these slips are relatively inconsequential. However, slipping on ice can be more than an […]

Organize Your Snow Removal Plan

Established over 130 years ago, Kissner has evolved to become a trusted market leader in both the rock and blended salt industry. We are known for providing reliable service to an impressive list of clientele throughout North America. We have the experience and resources to be your top supplier.   Call Toll Free 1 (800) 434-8248. […]

Protect Your Pets

Ice melters are fairly safe towards pets, but a few precautions should be taken to protect your pets… Ice Melter Ingestion Dangers Animals like to eat salt; it is always a good idea to prevent pets from licking ice melter granules. Keep them indoors while ice melter is applied. Don’t let your dog lick ice […]

Safe Winter Driving

Whether we like it or not, winter is on its way. Some parts of North America are already seeing some snowfall. Here are 7 tips on safe winter driving: 1. Create a ‘survival kit’ Your survival kit should include items such as: gloves, booster cables, small shovel, windshield wiper fluid, first aid kit, torch, snow brush, candles, safety vest, water […]

B.S.C. Holdings Inc.

Kissner Group Holdings LP, the parent company of Kissner Milling Company Limited announced today that it has acquired B.S.C. Holdings Inc., the parent company of both Central Salt, L.L.C. of Elgin, Illinois and Lyons Salt Company of Lyons, Kansas. Central Salt is a leading supplier and marketer of bulk and packaged deicing products, as well […]

Canada Winter Forecast

Well Above-Normal Temperatures to Envelop Western Canada Western Canada residents should expect another winter with above- to well above-normal temperatures, as a prevailing westerly flow delivers milder Pacific air across the region. Compared to last winter, there will be more snow across the coastal mountains of western British Columbia, which includes the Whistler Blackcomb ski […]

How to Apply Ice Melters

When to Apply Ice Melters? Anti-Icing – Proactive application of ice melter to surfaces prior to a storm. Anti-icers are applied before precipitation begins to prevent the ice from building on walkways. By applying an ice melter before a snowfall event, you can prevent the ice/snow from bonding to the surface area and simplify removal of […]